Brittany Busker

Office Service Specialist, Outage Work Management Group Byron Generating Station, Exelon

Brittany (Britt) Busker earned her Bachelor’s degree in business and began a career in the health care industry.  She quickly realized it was not the field for her, and decided it was time for an industry change – and looked toward the nuclear industry: “My father had worked for Exelon for his entire career, and the longevity of a career in the nuclear industry appealed to me.  I knew since I didn’t have any nuclear experience, education was what I needed to get in the door,” Britt said.

Britt learned of the Bismarck State College Nuclear Power Technology (NUPT) online degree program from Exelon, so she knew the program had the company’s approval.  In fact, Exelon is the chair of the Nuclear Power Technology Advisory Council, and has been very involved in the curriculum development process to ensure it meets today’s workforce needs.  The fact that she would earn a Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program (NUCP) certificate upon graduation added to the appeal of the program.  “Earning the NUCP certificate was one of the things that swayed me because it made the degree that much more beneficial,” she said.

During her program, Britt completed two summer internships at Exelon: one as a Technical Intern and another as a Radiation Protection Intern.  After graduating, Britt was hired full time as an Office Service Specialist for the Outage Work Management Group. Her responsibilities include monitoring outage milestone indicators as well as serving as the HIT and Focus Team administrator.

Britt found the knowledge she gained in the program applicable to her current position, as well as future career goals. “The background knowledge the program provides is great.  It’s been easier to catch onto things because I understand what people are talking about.  It’s also made it easier to learn things outside of my actual job position, which will hopefully help me to move up in the near future.”  Britt has her eyes set on being promoted to an Outage Scheduler, and is confident the knowledge she gained through earning her NUPT degree and NUCP certificate will help her achieve that goal.