Details of BS in Nuclear Engineering Technology

The BSNET degree is accredited by Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc.

Degree Requirements - Total 124 credit hours

  • 48 credit hours in the Nuclear Engineering Technology technical component
  • 24 credit hours in Natural Science and Mathematics
  • 9 credits in Communications
  • 15 credits in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 12 credits in Arts and Sciences Electives
  • 16 credits in Free Electives

Course list and requirements

Technical Core - 48 credits (at least 16 upper-level credits are required)

  • Electrical Theory
  • Computer Applications
  • Materials
  • Nuclear Materials
  • Health Physics/Radiation Protection
  • Radiation Measurement Lab
  • Plant Systems Overview
  • Reactor Core Fundamentals
  • Fluids
  • Heat Transfer
  • Integrated Technology Assessment (Capstone)
  • Nuclear Engineering Technology Electives as appropriate

Natural Science and Mathematics - 24 credits

  • 12 credits in Math (at the level of College Algebra and above; must include Calculus I and II)
  • 12 credits in Natural Sciences (must include Chemistry with lab, Physics I-II with at least one lab, Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Thermodynamics)
  • (The BS-Nuclear Engineering Technology Degree requires five laboratories: chemistry; physics; radiation measurement; and two additional labs in natural sciences and/or nuclear engineering technology subjects.)

Communications - 9 credits

  • 9 credits in Communications (must include 3-credit Written English Composition Requirement)

Humanities and Social Sciences - 15 credits

  • 6 credits in Social Sciences/History
  • 6 credits in Humanities and Social Sciences/History electives
  • 3 credits in Ethics

Electives - 28 credits

  • 12 credits in Arts and Sciences electives
  • 16 credits in additional Arts and Sciences or Technology courses, or other free elective subjects such as education. The 1-credit Information Literacy requirement applies here.

Excelsior College also makes it possible to obtain college credit for industry accredited training programs (NUAP).  View more details on credit recommendations from Excelsior College.

Troy Henning

Operations Training Instructor V.C. Summer Generating Station, South Carolina Electric & Gas

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Nuclear Engineering Technology - a Degree for Technicians

Andrew Wheeler
Assistant Dean, School of Business and Technology
Excelsior College

"The BS in Nuclear Engineering Technology programs provide the education necessary for the next generation nuclear worker to enter the industry and the existing nuclear workers to move forward in their career."

– John Lindsey, Director of Training of Exelon Nuclear

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