Details of BS in Nuclear Engineering Technology

The BSNET degree is accredited by Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc.

Degree Requirements - Total 124 credit hours

  • 48 credit hours in the Nuclear Engineering Technology technical component
  • 26 credit hours in Natural Science and Mathematics
  • 9 credits in Communications
  • 15 credits in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 10 credits in Arts and Sciences Electives
  • 16 credits in Concentration or Free Electives

Course list and requirements

Technical Core - 48 credits (at least 16 upper-level credits are required)

  • Electrical Theory
  • Computer Applications
  • Fundamentals of Reactor Safety
  • Materials Sciences
  • Health Physics/Radiation Protection
  • Radiation Measurement Lab
  • Plant Systems Overview
  • Reactor Core Fundamentals
  • Fluids
  • Heat Transfer
  • Integrated Technology Assessment (Capstone)
  • Nuclear Engineering Technology Electives as appropriate

Natural Science and Mathematics - 26 credits

  • 12 credits in Math (at the level of College Algebra and above; must include Calculus I and II)
  • 14 credits in Natural Sciences (must include Chemistry with lab, Physics I-II with at least one lab, Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Thermodynamics)
  • (The BS-Nuclear Engineering Technology Degree requires five laboratories: chemistry; physics; radiation measurement; and two additional labs in natural sciences and/or nuclear engineering technology subjects.)

Communications - 9 credits

  • 9 credits in Communications (must include 6-credit Written English Composition Requirement)

Humanities and Social Sciences - 15 credits

  • 9 credits in Social Sciences/History
  • 3 credits in Humanities
  • 3 credits in Ethics

Art and Science Electives - 10 credits

  • 16 credits in Concentration or Free Electives
  • The 1-credit Information Literacy requirement applies here.

You may choose from the following concentrations: General, Nuclear Cybersecurity, or Nuclear Leadership.

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