Certificate in Electrical Transmissions System Technology

Looking to become a qualified System Operator?

Get ahead in your career with the Certificate in Electrical Transmissions System Technology (ETST). The energy industry needs qualified, skilled system operators and the focus of the ETST program is on system operations and dispatching.

All classes are offered online to fit your schedule. Courses for this program begin every 3-5 weeks on a rotating schedule, and you can enroll anytime.  This provides flexibility to accomodate your personal and professional schedules and enables you to complete 3-5 courses per traditional semester.

The certificate consists of 55 credit hours

  • Technical program = 51 credits
  • General education = 4 credits

Online technical courses for the program:

  • ETST 240 Power Industry Concepts
  • ETST 242 Applied Mathematics for System Operators 
  • ENRT 106 DC Fundamentals 
  • ENRT 108 AC Fundamentals 
  • ETST 260 Electrical Diagram Interpretation
  • ETST 250 Electrical Generation Theories 
  • ETST 254 System Elements I-Substations 
  • ETST 256 System Elements II-Transformers
  • ETST 258 System Elements III-Protective Relaying
  • ETST 262 Power System Operations
  • ETST 266 Interconnected System Operations
  • ETST 268 Power Flow 
  • ETST 270 System Operator Work Practices
  • ETST 272 Power System Safety
  • ETST 274 Communication and Control Technology
  • ETST 276 Power System Economics
  • ETST 278 Power System Emergency Concepts
  • ETST 280 Reliability Policies and Procedures


The courses in this certificate are a subset of the AAS in Electrical Transmissions System Technology from Bismarck State College.

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