Certificate in Power Plant Technology

Gain an edge in the job market with a marketable certificate that can help you build a career in power plant technologies.

All classes are offered online to fit your schedule, and you can enroll any time. BSC's online energy courses last three to five weeks, enabling you to complete three to five courses per traditional semester. Courses for this program begin every three to five weeks on a rotating schedule. This ensures flexibility. Your degree accommodates your personal and professional schedules. 

This certificate requires 56 credit hours.

  • Technical program = 52 credits
  • General education= 4 credits

Online technical courses for the program:

  • ENRT 101 Introduction to Energy Technology
  • ENRT 105 Safety, Health and Environment
  • ENRT 107 Mechanical Fundamentals
  • ENRT 110 Plant Equipment and Systems
  • ENRT 112 Print Reading 
  • ENRT 103 Applied Math 
  • ENRT 104 Electrical Fundamentals 
  • ENRT 116 Instrumentation and Control
  • ENRT 118 Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow & Thermodynamics
  • ENRT 120 Water Purification and Treatment
  • ENRT 205 Steam Generation
  • ENRT 215 Operations, Troubleshooting & Communications
  • PWRP 203 Energy Sources and Conversions 
  • PWRP 207 Boilers & Environmental Protection 
  • PWRP 210 Turbines and Combined Cycle 
  • PWRP 224 Power Generation Components and Protection
  • ENRT 220 Practical Applications


The courses in this certificate are a subset of the AAS in Power Plant Technology from Bismarck State College.

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