Darlene Marble

Electric Field Planner, New York State Electric & Gas IBEW 83

After losing her job as a result of the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York, Darlene had to find a new career. One of her friends suggested she look for a job in the energy field, so she became a meter reader for New York State Electric & Gas.

Darlene soon heard about the online EPCE-sponsored energy degrees at Bismarck State College and thought she would go for it. She already had an Associate’s degree in Architectural Engineering, but knew that the AAS in Electric Power Technology (ELPW) would be a great benefit to her new career. Now, Darlene is an Electric Field Planner, a position she would not have been qualified for prior to completing her degree.

Her advice to others is, “You really have to want it and be disciplined.”  On average, Darlene spent 20 hours per week on her course work.  She was determined to get A’s, and she graduated with honors and several awards in the end.  “Online courses are wonderful!  If you live in a rural area like me it is hard to find a community college or university close enough.”

Darlene did so well in the program that she was offered a scholarship to obtain her Bachelor’s degree.  She plans on taking at least a year off before possibly pursuing that Bachelor’s degree.