Electric Power

Want to get ahead in your career?

 The Electric Power Technology (ELPW) online program from Bismarck State College's (BSC) National Energy Center for Excellence is designed for current and future electric utility workers. The program addresses critical employment needs in the electric utilities work force.  

The ELPW program will provide you with a core set of skills and competencies, and broad knowledge of the energy industry, in addition to a specialization in the transmission and distribution of electricity. 

When you complete courses in the ELPW program and earn a certificate or your degree, you gain something you won't get anywhere else: an endorsement from the energy industry itself.

AAS in Electric Power Technology

This AAS degree program helps students understand:

  • how the flow of electricity works
  • equipment and safety measures

Additionally, students will have a choice of specialization area.

Certificate in Electric Power Technology


This certificate program provides the basics of electric power generation, transmission and distribution


Apprenticeship Program

Leverage Online Education to give Apprentices a Blended Learning Experience