B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology


Are you looking for a degree that offers the "know-why" of the engineer and the "know-how" of the technician?

Excelsior College offers an online Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology that prepares students for employment in various aspects of the power industry - and beyond. This online degree program provides a customized and flexible schedule, allowing you to overcome barriers to achieving personal, professional, and academic success. 

This degree aims to equip you with the various skills necessary to adapt new scientific knowledge to new products. Companies that hire BSEET graduates include commercial and military contractors for avionics (Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, General Electric), cable and Internet companies, local power companies, electronic manufacturing (IBM), and printed circuit board manufacturers (Universal Instruments). The BSEET is accredited by Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc.

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This concentration takes the student to higher levels of digital circuitry and microprocessor-based design and exposes them to the fundamentals of digital and analog communication and modern control theory. High-level software design tools along with system simulation software augment the enhanced coverage of these advanced electronic concepts.


This concentration addresses the explosive growth being experienced in the nanotechnology field through courses and curriculum to mitigate the shortage of engineers, technologists and technicians who support experimentation, fabrication and testing. Our courses relate to nano-electronics design and fabrication, as well as biomedical research and energy R&D.

Power Systems

This concentration explores the generation, transmission, and control of electrical power and equipment. Programmable logic controllers and their applications in industrial control, as well as DC and AC power generation and conversion, are covered. Virtual instrumentation and data acquisition is also covered, two important aspects of power systems and their operation and control.

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