How Does EPCE Work?

Industry Partnering with Education

EPCE education partners create curriculum that ties back to job responsibilities in the electric industry by drawing upon input from EPCE's industry representatives, with clear, attainable education outcomes.

EPCE creates or selects the education and training programs by:

  • Evaluating the needs of the energy industry
  • Leveraging industry subject matter experts and college curriculum designers
  • Delivering education relevant to job tasks and industry career paths


All EPCE-sponsored education providers and programs are required to meet the EPCE standards.

  • Education providers are regionally accredited institutions, and recognized as a leading institution by other colleges, universities, and the utility industry.
  • EPCE education partners incorporate input from industry experts and instructional designers, and engage in a continuous improvement process.
  • EPCE curriculum is designed and developed based on the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) process, which incorporates standardized assessment and evaluation procedures.

Focus on Online Education

  • EPCE's online programs are available 24/7 - any time, anywhere whether in Washington State, Florida, or anywhere in between.
  • Our education partners' instructors are experienced in online instruction and experienced in the energy industry.
  • No campus or site visits required. Even the application and registration process is completely online, along with student advising and other support services.

What EPCE means for Members

Kathy Thigpen
Senior Training Specialist, ComEd

EPCE Connects Industry and Education

Mark Silvers
Manager, Technical Learning, OGE Energy