Industry Introduction Certificates

EPCE provides high quality online courses and certificate options designed by the energy industry, for the energy industry. These online options will familiarize you with today's electrical industry and provide a direct link to electrical utility fundamentals.

The EPCE certificate programs provide potential candidates with an entry level understanding of the knowledge and skill sets needed for careers in the electric power energy industry. Each certificate provides an opportunity for potential candidates to link to electric power energy industry jobs by being prepared and knowledgeable of the career pathway steps.

Once you have completed the courses required for your chosen certificate, you will need to contact EPCE to obtain your EPCE-Sponsored certificate.

Linking Job Opportunities to the Certificate Program

There are many types of different jobs in the energy industry. Education and training can help to prepare and provide the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the energy industry. Utilities across the country require applicants to have certain skill sets in order to master the requirements of the job.

Some positions offer an apprenticeship program which offers on-the-job training as well as classroom (formal and online) training. Some positions require experience in a related setting and/or a technical college degree. Job qualifications will change depending on the positions for which you apply. As you review the different types of energy jobs, you will note that all entry level jobs require a high school diploma and pre-employment testing. As you continue your career pathway, special training is required to move into higher level positions.

Special training examples can include:

  • Special training with the company
  • Apprenticeship program
  • Associate’s degree
  • Bachelor’s degree