Jerry Griffis

System Operator, New York State Electric & Gas

Jerry earned his Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Penn State 20 years ago.  After attending a brick and mortar institution, he was concerned about the credibility of an online degree.  Based on the recommendation of NYSEG and his own independent research, Jerry enrolled. “My company brought the EPCE online energy education programs to my attention.  I researched and decided it was something worthwhile.  I was able to get a new position because of my degree.”

Lucky for Jerry, his company had several employees who were enrolled in or had completed the Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program. “I was able to get some advice and used books from former students.”  As for studying, he was able to stay after work spending a couple hours an evening using the company’s resources to study.  He also was able to enjoy his summers off.  According to Jerry, “the key to success was flexibility!”

Jerry experienced the advantages of the BSC courses early on.  He felt a new found confidence during technical conversations.  “It was fun to learn concepts and turn around and apply them.  I was able to talk intelligently to people in the industry.”

When asked if he had advice for prospective students, Jerry said, “If you have other college credits, it is good to look into transferring them in.  I was able to transfer in several credits including English and Technical Writing.”  He also encourages potential students.  “Don’t let it intimidate you.  Have a plan and know how to complete it.”

With his degree nearly complete, Jerry started a new position in the fall.  His new education allowed him to broaden his horizons within NYSEG.  "My new degree was instrumental in obtaining my new position."