Jonas Whitehead

T&D Coordinator, Garland Power & Light (APPA & NRECA member)

Jonas Whitehead has been in the industry since 1996.  While visiting the website’s training section, he learned about EPCE’s online energy education programs.  He decided to transfer his previous college credits and started the Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program through Bismarck State College in January 2007.

“My first semester, I only took one class just to get my feet wet.  I could easily have taken more because of the way the program was structured,” recalls Jonas.  “The flexibility of the program was great!”  However Jonas points out that you need the willpower to finish assignments on your own since you are responsible to make sure it gets done.

Another thing Jonas liked about the program was the interaction with other students from all over the country and being able to share in their ideas.  “It felt easier to ask a question that you might feel is silly in an online class because you’re in a more comfortable setting rather than a classroom.”

Jonas had to work out a schedule that allowed for a balance between work, school, and family with two small children at home.  Once a new course started, he would begin reading the textbook as soon as possible.  He would also try to get his assignments done ahead of the deadlines.  “My kids’ bedtime is 8pm, so I would study after they went to bed and again on the weekends.”

“The fact that I was actively pursuing this Associate’s degree helped me get my current position.  I want to get the Bachelor’s degree to help me get to that next level in my career.”  So after completing his Associate’s degree, Jonas started right away with his Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management at BSC.