Nathan Murray

Field Representative, Nielsen Company

For a decade, Nathan Murray has worked for a global company that measures TV ratings, but after recently discovering a passion for nuclear energy, he is hoping to make a career leap to pursue that passion.  Nathan said, “I like the idea of green energy, but wind and solar may not generate enough supply.  With nuclear, if we were able to do it correctly, we wouldn’t have to worry about burning as much coal and gas because our base load could come from nuclear power.”

Nathan has already taken the first step toward a career change by earning his AAS in Nuclear Power Technology (NUPT) through Bismarck State College’s online program.  Nathan chose the program because, “I knew I wasn’t going to be able to attend traditional classes, since at the time I was managing a project and working around others’ schedules, so online was the only option for me.”  Nathan appreciated the convenience of being able to study and complete his work on his schedule.  He also enjoyed how the online discussion boards helped build conversations between students.

Since earning his degree in spring of 2014, Nathan feels he is ready for the energy industry:  “With the knowledge I gained in the NUPT program, I can now speak to folks in the nuclear industry and understand what they’re talking about, especially on the operations side.”

Nathan expressed interest in exploring career opportunities with regional employers, such as Ameren or Exelon, and is planning to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in energy management to further enhance his qualifications for potential employers.  When asked what type of position he’s love to have, he said, “Operations would be a good base, such as an auxiliary operator or reactor operator, but one field that really interests me is the area of small modular reactors, and I know some companies such as Ameren are exploring those as well.”