Rebecca Yakesh

Customer Service Policy Specialist, Xcel Energy

Rebecca Yakesh has worked for Xcel Energy for nearly a decade, and currently, holds the title of Customer Service Policy Specialist.  Rebecca has her Bachelor’s degree in business and decided to explore options to further her education.  She considered pursuing her MBA or an industry degree that would increase her technical knowledge.

Rebecca decided to pursue the online AAS Electric Power Technology (ELPW) degree program through Bismarck State College after speaking with several colleagues.  She noted that “all the employees I spoke with enjoyed [the program] and said it helped them to understand how the utility industry operates in general.  I feel working for a utility company, this degree can only help.”

The opportunity to complete the degree 100% online was also appealing to Rebecca.  “For the time in my life, it was perfect because my husband works non-traditional hours and we have two young children at home.  I needed the flexibility online offers,” Rebecca said.  She also added, “I had already experienced the interactive classroom and lecture-style education.  I just needed to hunker down, learn the materials, complete my work, and take the exams.”

Rebecca did just that, successfully earning her degree in spring 2014 while balancing a full plate.  “I completed my two year degree in two and a half years while working full time, volunteering for other activities, serving Board commitments, and raising a family!”  Rebecca also encourages others considering the program to take the plunge, saying, “Go for it – the longer you wait, you’ll wish you would have started!”