Smart Grid, Smart Curriculum

Everyone’s talking about smart grid technology and how it’s the future of electricity

But what's a smart grid, and is it really changing how electric power is generated, delivered, and used? How's it changing the way utility workers do their jobs? All good questions—and EPCE's online smart grid curriculum will answer these and many more.

EPCE partnered with Bismarck State College's National Energy Center of Excellence to develop a curriculum that is leading edge and relevant to what is happening in the energy industry right now.

If you want to start an electric power career, or if you want to know more about smart grid for your current job, take a look at these courses-- conveniently available to you anytime, anywhere.

Renewable Energy Sources and the Smart Grid

An overview of a smart grid and how alternative energy will be integrated into it

Smart Grid, Smart Customer

An overview of a smart grid to help customer service reps and non-technical staff communicate effectively with their customers

Operation Considerations for the Smart Grid

A more detailed technical look at a smart grid--from installation to operation and maintenance

Impact of the Smart Grid

Learn how a smart grid affects both the utility and the consumer, and about the impact it will have on society, the environment and business.