Technology Program Overview

Start exploring Excelsior College's technology degree programs and be on the cutting edge of the energy industry.

Technology Management Degree/Concentrations
These flexible, career-oriented degrees and concentrations are developed for individuals who want to build upon their knowledge and earn a Bachelor’s degree within their technical field.

Technology Degree/Concentrations
These degrees and concentrations are designed specifically to advance jobs skills by ensuring a breadth of knowledge in technology concepts as well as a depth of understanding and skills in a chosen concentration.

Information Technology Degree/Concentrations
The IT Bachelor's degree programs meet or exceed the same academic standards that govern IT degree programs at traditional colleges.


MBA & Technology Dual Degree/Concentrations
The dual degree track program is designed to bridge components that enable learners to easily transition to the MBA program and provide a streamlined path for learners to blend their technical skills with managerial skills. Options include:

Master of Business Administration Degree/Concentrations
This Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is designed for those seeking to further their career and create more opportunities within the energy industry. Options include concentrations in: