BPS Tech Mgmt

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Technology Management

The online Bachelor of Professional Studies in Technology Management from Excelsior University is a flexible program developed for students who want to build upon their knowledge and earn a bachelor’s degree within their technical field. The program puts special emphasis on developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values required for a technical person to meet the demands of today’s workforce.

The BPS program provides you with a broad professional foundation in the various functional components of technology and management, as well as with a strong liberal arts base to ensure you have academic breadth needed to adapt to and succeed in an ever-changing world.

Choose from four technical concentrations that provide a broad professional and technical foundation in the various functional components of technology. The goal of the degree program is to foster your ability to apply what you have learned within the degree program, including within your concentration, to the real-world contexts of a technology-based industry.

Course Information

120 credits are required for the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Technology Management

Nine upper-level credits required.

  • Cornerstone Course
  • INL 102 Information Literacy
  • Written English Requirement
  • Humanities
    • One ethics course
    • Additional courses
  • Social Sciences/History
  • Natural Sciences/Math
    • College Algebra or Statistics
    • Natural sciences (3 credits minimum)
    • Mathematics elective (3 credits)

Electrical Technology

Train and prepare for a career in operating, repairing and upgrading electrical technology by building knowledge and practical skills with electrical circuits, electrical systems, and electrical equipment. Learn about the design, assembly, testing, maintenance, repairing and upgrading of electrical circuits, components, and equipment.

Information Technology

Show that you know how to design, assemble, test, and maintain computer circuitry and peripheral hardware, how to analyze and solve a spectrum of information technology problems, and how to use standard IT practices to develop computer-based applications for business or military purposes.

Nuclear Technology

Emphasize that you know how radiation shielding, radiation detection instrumentation, and nuclear processes in nuclear research and power generation facilities are designed, built, operated, and maintained. This concentration affirms your understanding of radiological safety and radiation protection regulations and procedures, and your ability to test and troubleshoot turbines, electric generators, pumps, and other auxiliary plant equipment.

Renewable Energy Technology

This concentration provides foundational knowledge of commercial and residential renewable energy technologies and introduces political and economic influences impacting the renewable energy industry. Coursework covers technical, business, and cultural aspects of renewable solar, wind, water, and geothermal energy technologies.

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