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The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) through Clemson University provides fundamental education in core electrical engineering areas such as circuits, electronics, electromagnetics, controls, power, and communications.

Clemson’s BSEE completion program is rigorous and has the same expectations as the on-campus program. It is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. The online format is one mode of delivery of this accredited program. In order to succeed, an individual must have strong skills in mathematics, a diligent work ethic, and a passion for obtaining the degree.

This online BSEE degree completion program is intended for working adults. It is not intended for students who have just graduated from high school.

Interested in learning more about Clemson’s certificates in Renewable Energy or Power Systems Engineering?

Course Information

  • ECE 2010 – Logic and Computing Devices (3)
  • ECE 2020 – Electric Circuits I (3)
  • ECE 2090-  Logic Labs (1)
  • ECE 2110 – Electrical Engineering Lab. I (1)
  • ECE 2120 – Electrical Engineering Lab. II (1)
  • ECE 2620 – Electric Circuits II (3)
  • ECE 2720 – Computer Organization (3)
    • ECE 2710 – Computer Organization Lab (1)
  • ECE 3110 – Electrical Engineering Lab. III (1)
  • ECE 3120 – Electrical Engineering Lab. IV (1)
  • ECE 3170 – Random Signal Analysis (3)
  • ECE 3200 – Electronics I (3)
  • ECE 3210 – Electronics II (3)
  • ECE 3300 – Signals, Systems, and Transforms (3)
  • ECE 3600 – Electric Power Engineering (3)
  • ECE 3710 – Microcontroller Interfacing (3)
    • ECE 3710 – Microcontroller Interfacing Lab (1)
  • ECE 3800 – Electromagnetics (3)
  • ECE 3810 – Fields, Waves, and Circuits (3)
  • ECE 4090 – Intro to Linear Control Systems (3)
  • ECE 4270 – Communications Systems (3)
  • ECE 4950 – Integrated Systems Design I (2)
  • ECE 4960 – Integrated System Design II (2)
  • 3 Elective Engineering courses (9)

All courses required for the BSEE degree are required for this program. This includes all General Education coursework.

Please discuss course scheduling requirements with Clemson prior to enrolling in the BSEE completion program

These courses are required to be completed before being accepted into the Engineering courses:

  • CH 1010 – Chemistry I (4)
  • CH 1020 – Chemistry II (4)
  • CPSC 1110 – Elem. Comp. Progr. in C (3)
  • ENGL 1030 – Accelerated Composition (3)
  • MTHSC 1060 – Calculus of One Variable I (4)
  • MTHSC 1080 – Calculus of One Variable II (4)
  • MTHSC 2060 – Calculus of Several Variables (4) – strongly recommend before applying
  • MTHSC 2080 – Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (4) – strongly recommend before applying
  • PHYS 1220 – Physics with Calculus I (3)
  • PHYS 2210 – Physics with Calculus II (3)

Other Engineering Courses – 5 credit hours
Other Mathematics – 3 credit hours
English and Communications – 6 credit hours
Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences – 15 credit hours


Ann Randazo, CEWD

“The course material has been great for my future because the online BSEE program provides the instruction and knowledge needed to develop the skill sets I’ll need for my career path as a qualified electrical engineer.”

Paul Stambaugh, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Clemson University

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Prospective students must complete a set of prerequisite courses with at least a B (3.0) average before submitting a Preliminary Application to the online BSEE degree completion program.
  • Specific prerequisite courses are required. Prospective students must complete a set of courses prior to applying for the Clemson BSEE program. View a detailed list of prerequisite/engineering courses below.
  • Yes. When you have completed all the pre-requisites, please send a completed Preliminary Application Form to the Holcombe Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering at Clemson.The Holcombe Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering at Clemson will notify you of your status based on your Preliminary Application Form. When you are notified that your pre-requisites are met, please complete a formal application.

Clemson University is an athletic powerhouse and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School. Visit the accreditation page for more details.

All courses are delivered asynchronous and  offered 24/7.

Plan to spend approximately 15-20 hours a week working on a course.

You can get started in February, April and September. See program course schedules here.

Visit the tuition page here. 

If you/your company is not an EPCE member, learn more about becoming an EPCE member company and or individual member.

Contact your Human Resources department to see if courses qualify for your company tuition assistance program.

Request information here.

To get started, you will need to complete the application process .

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