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The Renewable Energy Certificate at Clemson University consists of three classes in the areas of solar power, wind power, and renewable energy penetration.

This certificate program requires a basic knowledge of DC and AC circuit theory including Kirchhoff’s Laws, complex frequency, and Laplace transforms. Individuals without a basic knowledge of DC and AC circuit theory, should complete the appropriate coursework (e.g., ECE 3070 – Basic Electrical Engineering or ECE 2020 – Electric Circuits I and ECE 2620 – Electric Circuits II).

Course Information

  • ECE 4570 Fundamentals of Wind Power
  • ECE 4610 Fundamentals of Solar Energy
  • ECE 4200 Renewable Energy Penetration on the Power Grid

A grade of C of better is required for all courses that are part of the certificate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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