Matthew Seeley

Engineer II, Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)

As an Engineer II with JEA, Matthew Seeley works in the outage management services department and focuses on power quality and reliability. An opportunity arose with his company to take the Smart Grid (Renewable Energy Sources and the Smart Grid and Operation Considerations and the Smart Grid) online courses through Bismarck State College and EPCE. “When the company asked if there was anybody interested in taking the courses, my manager encouraged me to take them so we’d have somebody in the department that was familiar with all the different options and what’s going on in the smart grid world outside of JEA... I definitely know it’s the way of the future,” he said.

Seeley especially valued what he learned in Operation Considerations for the Smart Grid online course because of the focus on self-healing networks, a technology he envisions his company using eventually.   Once his company takes on a self-healing network, it will cut back on the duration of outages and provide better service to the customer. The training opened his mind to the many possibilities of the smart grid, and it did so at a prime time.  JEA recently received a federal grant to purchase 3,000 two-way meters for a pilot program.  He plans to use what he learned to determine how to best deploy those smart meters and test them.

Seeley also noted that soon after taking the courses he attended an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) conference in Orlando called and found that whenever the topic of the smart grid came up, he knew exactly what they were talking about. He said that each session had corresponded with the courses he’d taken. “The training did a good job of preparing me,” he said.