Mitch Rivera

Excelsior College

Senior Developer Revenue Cycle Management company for the Healthcare industry

Mitch Rivera is no stranger to college education.  He earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science.  A passion for learning combined with the prevalence of cybersecurity in the media led him to pursue a Master’s in Cybersecurity through Excelsior College’s online program.  Mitch noted, “When I get to a point where I’m not learning enough new things, I start to look for something.  That, and with how much news there is about cybersecurity and breaches in the news, I wanted to better understand why.”


Though Mitch was used to higher education, this was his first experience with online education.  What surprised him the most was how much he learned not only from the professors, but from the other students.  “I got a lot more out of the program than I thought I would from other students. They’ve been working in the field for years and had a lot of experience they brought to the table,” Mitch said.  He also appreciated how great his professors were at understanding the needs of adult students and working with them when scheduling adjustments needed to be made based on other life commitments.


Mitch appreciates the value his new-found knowledge adds to his job, noting, “The knowledge I’ve gained helps me to better understand best practices of what to do to prevent breaches, etc. when building, configuring, and deploying applications.  He also understands the necessity to stay on top of things: “You have to keep up with what’s changing because it’s constantly changing, especially anything IT or cybersecurity related.”