Get College Credit For What You Already Know 

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), offered by EPCE’s education partners, is a process of identifying and measuring previous learning for the potential to receive academic credit. This process can save you time and money – reducing the number of courses needed to complete a degree. Not all methods apply equally to all programs, so be sure to ask an academic advisor about PLA as you enter an EPCE-sponsored program.

Options to Assess your Previous Learning

  • Challenge Exams (Credit by Examination)
    • You may be able to obtain credit by passing a “challenge examination”
  • Military Training
  • Transfer Credit
    • Official transcripts from high school and colleges you attended can be evaluated for the potential of transfer into your EPCE program. Check out Bismark State College Transfer Equivalency Site.
  • Industry Training
    • Accredited training programs can be assessed towards some college credit

Prior Learning Assessment Resources