Corey Morris

Bismarck State College

Substation Technician, Delmarva Power (a PHI Company)

While reading Pepco Holding’s company newsletter PHInews a while ago, Corey read an article that featured an EPCE graduate. Corey was unable to attend school right away because of a growing family, but a few years later he enrolled in what he describes as truly his first college experience, the online Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program through Bismarck State College. “It was a lot more challenging than I originally thought.”

Corey learned to allow plenty of time to complete the course work, and by his third semester he had a pretty good handle on how things worked. His advice to other students looking to enroll in an online EPCE program: “Take more than two years if need be. There is a lot of valuable information in the classes that are offered.”

When asked how his degree helped him on the job, Corey said, “I know it’s provided me with a lot more knowledge to add to my hands on knowledge from working in the department.” He also knows a lot of jobs he‘s interested in require a Bachelor’s degree. “In ten years I would like to be in management, maybe even be the manager of electric maintenance.”

Corey is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Energy Management program at Bismarck State College, heading toward that goal.