Corrie Smith

Bismarck State College

Staking Technician, Mountain View Electric Association

For Corrie Smith, choosing to pursue a degree online with Bismarck State University was a way to further her career options while working full time and raising four children. Online courses allowed her to coordinate her children’s activities, classes and her work schedule. “I was very happy with the layout of the online classes as they fit my schedule well.”

Corrie began her career as an Engineering Aide with Mountain View Electric Association five years ago. She identified a career path and began to pursue promotion to Staking Technician but couldn’t advance without additional experience.  “I had applied for a staking tech position several times but didn’t get promoted because I needed additional experience.” A co-worker suggested the Electric Power Technology program at Bismarck State College to gain the experience needed to advance to the role of staking technician.

Corrie completed her Associate of Applied Science in Electric Power Technology at Bismarck State College in May 2018. The knowledge she gained through her degree program is applicable to her daily work responsibilities. “My school books are in my office and I use them all the time.” Because of her education, she was promoted to Staking Technician and has given larger project to complete which will give her experience to further advance in her career.

When asked to compare her online education experience with traditional classroom experience she stated, “I feel a little more comfortable working on line because I can work at my own pace without the time constraints of the classroom.”   While she has no immediate plans to take additional courses, has already recommended EPCE’s online education programs to others.