Eric Johnson

Bismarck State College

Utility Design Coordinator, Sierra Pacific Power Company

Eric started working towards his degree five years ago.  At the time, he was living in Las Vegas and able to take general courses at a local community college.  Eric was promoted to Utility Design Coordinator in a small rural town about 80 miles south of Reno and needed an online option.  “I had no problem transferring my credits to [the online Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program at] Bismarck State College,” Eric remarked.

In his studies, Eric learned that, “You have to dedicate the time.  Don’t judge the program by one course; try a couple of courses before making judgments.”

By completing the EPCE program at BSC, Eric feels more secure in his position.  “I got this degree to back-up my experience.”  When asked if he thought the degree would help his career, Eric replied, “Yes, but that wasn’t the driving force for me to finish my degree.”

Looking to the future, Eric has already started exploring BSC’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management.  His philosophy is, “The bigger the degree, the better the job.”