Mark Mason

Bismarck State College

Area Manager Meter Reader, Florida Power & Light

When his CEO sent out an e-mail about the online EPCE-sponsored energy education and training programs, Mark decided that he wanted to learn more about this field.  After transferring credits from some previous community college courses, Mark completed his AAS in Electric Power Technology (ELPW) through Bismarck State College in less than two years.

Having worked in the customer service side of the industry, Mark provided a different perspective in the courses he took.  Most of his classmates were on the other side of the spectrum.  “It was a very enlightening experience.”

Mark believes that the program is tough.  “It is a little overwhelming at first.  Keep the end goal in sight and you will be fine.”  After learning that he needed to be dedicated and devote special time for school work, he succeeded.

Mark was always interested in completing his Bachelor’s degree, and has already enrolled in a Bachelor’s program.  He plans to keep up the same pace to also finish the Bachelor’s degree in under two years.