Paige Lubahn

Bismarck State College

Assistant Engineer II
Minnesota Power

Paige’s interest in pursuing a career in the energy industry was inspired by her father’s 40-year career as a Lineman. She had previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from North Dakota State University, but her desire for an “inside/outside job” led her to consider opportunities in the energy industry. When her father informed her of openings at his company, she also decided to explore the online Associate of Applied Science in Electric Power Technology program at Bismarck State College to supplement her knowledge.

Reflecting on her decision, Paige jokes, “I wish I had known about the Bismarck State program sooner; I would have just gone straight to this program instead of getting my Bachelor’s degree.” Paige enrolled in the program in 2019 and was soon offered a position as an Assistant Engineer I at Minnesota Power. She attributes her success in the interview process to the knowledge she gained in the program, which allowed her to confidently answer many of the questions asked.

Paige found the block style classes offered by the program to be particularly helpful, especially as she was balancing a full-time job. She notes that the knowledge she gained provided her with a foundational understanding of the energy field and helped her during her on-the-job training. She completed the program in two years and graduated in May 2021.

Paige’s dedication to her work has paid off, as she was recently promoted to the position of Assistant Engineer II. In this role, she designs power lines and prepares work orders for Lineman, including tasks such as equipment lists, permits, and mapping. Looking ahead, Paige hopes to continue advancing in her career, with opportunities to progress to an AE Senior position after five years of experience or potentially becoming a Designer in the future.