Rhodia Sleet

Bismarck State College

Senior Electrical Drafter, Ameren UE

Rhodia Sleet worked in the accounting department at Citigroup for several years, but felt that there was no opportunity to grow within the company.  She applied at Ameren UE and was hired as a Mail Clerk.

Rhodia was pursuing her Associate’s degree at a local community college.  “It was taking forever at the local community college since I was only able to go part-time,” she recalls.  “It would’ve taken over six years to get my degree there!”

She noticed that Ameren regularly communicated about EPCE’s online energy education programs.  Rhodia looked into it and decided to stop attending the local community college and enroll in the online Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program at Bismarck State College.

“Some of the courses were difficult, but I was never afraid to ask questions.”  She even reached out to her fellow students.  “By asking my classmates, I ended up talking to them on the phone to fully understand the assignments.  Some of my classmates careers were based on the course work, which was really helpful.”

Currently, Rhodia’s potential goal is to be a Construction Designer.  With her new Associate’s degree, she now meets the educational requirements for the position.  “I would like to incorporate into my career some field experience, but there are always new positions becoming available.  There are a lot more opportunities available to me with my new education.  So, who knows?”