BS in Electrical Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering through Clemson University provides fundamental education in core Electrical Engineering areas such as circuits, electronics, electromagnetics, controls, power, and communications. The fundamental areas are more fully developed by specialization in elective courses. The power systems specialization includes courses in energy conversion, power systems analysis, and electric machines, power electronics and drives appropriate for those who work for or plan to work for electric utilities, electrical equipment manufacturers, or companies that rely heavily on electrical energy.

This degree completion program requires a total of 126 credit hours which includes:

  • Prerequisite Courses (including math, science, English, and computer programming) - 36 credit hours
  • ECE Engineering - 61 credit hours
  • Other Engineering Courses - 5 credit hours
  • Other Mathematics - 3 credit hours
  • English and Communications - 6 credit hours
  • Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences - 15 credit hours

View a detailed list of courses.

Where should I start?

  1. Complete the listed pre-requisite courses by transferring previous college credits or signing up to take them at another college. An average GPA of 3.0 is required.
  2. EPCE has arranged for the pre-requisite courses to be delivered online from Colorado Community Colleges Online (CCCOnline). View more about CCCOnline and which of their courses match the Clemson prerequisites
  3. When you have completed all the pre-requisites, please send a completed Preliminary Application Form to the Holcombe Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering at Clemson.
  4. The Holcombe Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering at Clemson will notify you of your status based on your Preliminary Application Form.
  5. When you are notified that your pre-requisites are met, please complete a formal application.
    For more information about the BSEE program, please see Clemson University’s Frequently Asked Questions