High School Online Courses

Light Up Your Future is designed to provide an opportunity to explore energy industry opportunities and energy-related college programs and internships leading to potential career opportunities in the industry.

Students take the following 15-week online high school courses (for elective credit) and participate in career-related activities such as utility tours, career panels, internships, summer camps, and additional online courses designed for utility workers.  The following high school courses are provided by The VHS Collaborative.

Mathematics of Electricity: Careers in Electric Power

  • The online course Mathematics of Electricity: Careers in Electric Power combines career awareness and math concepts applied in real-world electrical power industry assignments.
  • The goal is also to show students WHY they need to learn mathematics they are asked to learn.
  • The course is aligned with ITEA and national mathematics standards is designed to excite high school students about math and science and encourage exploration into energy industry opportunities.

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The Light Up Your Future Program has also been featured in a Huffington Post Blog.

Renewable Energy Sources

  • The online course Renewable Energy Sources explores the topics of energy, nonrenewable and renewable energy sources, function, operation, and vision of the Smart Grid, and careers in the energy industry.
  • The curriculum is divided into three main sections:
    • The first section includes various activities designed to help understand energy and electricity which includes basic concepts such as forms, states, conversions, efficiency, and conservation.
    • The second section describes renewable energy resources, including solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal and others and it explores the impact of renewable energy resources on power generation.
    • The last section is about the Smart Grid and includes topics such as energy storage, impacts of technologies on the industry, energy delivery, and careers in the energy industry.