Privacy Policy

The Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE) adheres to the highest standards in assuring the privacy of our web site visitors and students. EPCE’s primary responsibility is to develop the highest quality programs for its students and partners.

The policies below are applicable to and disclose privacy practices for the entire web site.

Privacy Philosophy

EPCE is committed to protecting the privacy of its visitors. It is our policy to allow visitors to provide as much – or as little – personal information as they feel comfortable doing.

It is your choice how much personally identifiable information you disclose to EPCE. However, you may want to provide information about yourself so that we can make this web site and future EPCE programs more valuable to you. For example, if you let us know which areas of the EPCE site are most helpful to you, and provide your email address, we can periodically send you current information about our programs. Rest assured, however, that unless you specifically tell us, EPCE will never know who you are. If you choose to interact with EPCE, you have our guarantee of privacy:

EPCE will never disclose personally identifiable information outside the EPCE partnership without first receiving that visitor’s permission.

What information does EPCE gather/track about you?

EPCE assigns a random number to each user for anonymously tracking content preferences and traffic patterns. This random number allows us to keep track of how many times customers are accessing certain pages, without knowing who those customers are. This random number, kept in a file on your computer, is called a “cookie.” Cookies by themselves cannot be used to determine the identity of any user, so unless you specifically identify yourself, EPCE will never know who you are.

EPCE also logs IP addresses, or the location of your computer on the Internet, for systems administration. IP addresses are not used to track a user’s session nor are they linked to anything personally identifiable.

In order to access certain areas of the site, EPCE requires consumers to supply personal information, including email address, during a ‘registration’ process. Some of this information is required, and the word ‘required’ appears next to these questions, and the rest is voluntary. On occasion, EPCE also collects additional personal information from visitors in optional survey forms. Demographic information voluntarily provided by a visitor may be combined with site usage reports to create a profile of users and user preferences in the content provided.

What does EPCE do with the information it gathers/tracks?

EPCE uses the information in order to develop programs and services that are most relevant to our prospective students and the EPCE partners. EPCE gathers information about visitors that it tracks and analyzes in aggregate form.

Occasionally, the site may ask for your name, email address and what your interests are. This optional information is gathered in order to send you email communications with updates about new courses or information concerning EPCE that you may find interesting. It is our policy to only send email to customers who permit us to do so. In every email, subscribers have the option to unsubscribe so that you do not receive any future email from EPCE if you do not wish to. A link is provided at the end of every email, to enable subscribers to opt-out.

With whom does EPCE share the information it gathers/tracks?

Aggregate information about site usage (which is not personally identifiable) may be shared periodically with the EPCE partners.

EPCE will not:

  • Share information about site usage outside the EPCE partnership
  • Share information about individual users
  • Sell user lists or any information about individual users

The Energy Providers Coalition for Education is committed to making your visit to our web site an informative and enriching experience, and we stand by our pledge to protect your privacy.