Mark Holman

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Manager of NERC and Regional Coordination, PJM Interconnection

Like most folks, Mark Holman’s career began in a much different arena than his current position at PJM Interconnection.  “My background is actually IT work – both my undergrad and graduate work were in IT,” Mark said, adding, “before I came to PJM, I was actually running the IT department for an online vacation rental property.”

A friend who worked at PJM convinced him to make the move to PJM’s cybersecurity department, and the rest is history.  Mark said, “Once I got here, I found there was so much to learn.  I wanted to move around the company and experience other aspects of what the company does.”  That desire to learn led him to a variety of positions in operations and eventually compliance, where he is currently the Manager of NERC and Regional Coordination.

Mark saw value in pursuing a second Master’s degree in the EPCE-sponsored online Power Systems Management program through Worcester Polytechnic Institute and took the plunge.  “I saw this as an opportunity to expand my skills.  Being in compliance, I have to understand the technical level and then also understand the business processes.  It’s absolutely helped me keep up with what I need to know to do my job, especially with the pace the industry is changing,” he stated.

Mark appreciates the value PJM sees in investing in their employee’s career development: “PJM is a big proponent of encouraging employees to advance their education.  They do a great job of promoting opportunities, as well as provide tuition reimbursement.  They understand you’ll bring back what you learn and make the company better.”  As a manager, Mark encourages others to take advantage of these opportunities.  “I just believe in lifelong learning; I think you should keep growing, keep developing,” Mark said, adding, “The company is willing to invest in you and it benefits you as a person and certainly benefits the company.”